Turn Your Windows Software
Into a Cloud-Based App

Turn Your Windows Software
Into a Cloud-Based App

The Premier Cloud Service Provider

Through the power of server technology, we take on-premise software applications and host them through a web browser instantaneously. Unlike most other cloud service providers, we run applications on a single, dedicated server so that information may be reliably saved and not lost between sessions. Our intuitive technology also allows you to easily migrate your desktop app to the cloud—with expert help available as you need it.

Having been in operation for over 20 years, we're experts on data security. We have extensive security options available, including resting encryption and Duo Multifactor Authentication for logins. Datamark has worked with companies in highly security conscious industries, and is well equipped to offer features required for HIPAA compliance to those who need it. Customize your quote to only pay for the security features you need.

While most cloud hosting providers have adopted “pay by the hour” policies, which can lead to unexpectedly high surcharges, Datamark Live offers a clear cut by-user, per-month pricing model with no hidden costs or fees at a competitive rate. You can get an instant quote using our pricing calculator below. Contact us for a free demo.

Pricing Calculator

Features you won’t find with other Cloud vendors

• Intel Xeon Gold processors running 100% to 200% faster than most virtual servers
• Super-fast SSD Storage
• Business Associate Agreement (BAA) option for HIPAA compliant medical applications
• Resting encryption option utilizing Windows Bitlocker technology (required for HIPAA compliance)
• Off-site encrypted backups option (required for HIPAA compliance)